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Ah Yap - Seafood Stall

Meet Mr. Yap Rui Ye, our Malaysian seafood vendor, whose business is relatively new as he has been doing this for 6 years and at this particular market for 2 years, but the variety and quality of fish that he provides is no less than the veteran sellers at the market. He moved to Singapore, with his family, almost fifteen years ago to make a living for himself as he found Singapore to be very safe and full of opportunities, and the rates at which seafood was bought was much better than in Malaysia.

With Covid-19 putting a temporary halt to businesses around the world, he was worried that his stall would also be affected and was also worried about the safety of his family but with help from the Government to keep small businesses afloat, Rui Ye was able to continue with carrying on his business. With rules and regulations imposed regarding social distancing, the safety of his health and his family was also not affected. Market Boy has helped him expand his business a bit more and in securing more customers as well who place regular orders for seafood from his stall.

Although the long hours make it hard to keep working on certain days, Rui Ye enjoys it nonetheless and has big plans of expanding his business and opening more stalls in different markets across the island. He enjoys talking to customers and gives specialized recommendations to them based on the catch of the day and as well as their requirements.

With business doing exceptionally well these days, Rui Ye is excited to see what the future will bring and is keen on making more friends and acquiring more customers. When asked what his favorite fish was, he said that Salmon is the best as there are many ways in which it can be cooked and there are many cuisines in which it can be used. So, don’t fret and head on down to the wet market to try out Rui Ye’s catch of the day and I promise you, you’ll be hooked!

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