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Uncle Hin - Fresh Indonesian Pork

Meet Mr. Ah Hin, the owner of the pork store. The store was started by his parents thirty five years ago and it has become a family business that is being continued by the second generation of family members. Ah Hin said that he has made a lot of friends from this business as he interacts quite a bit with his customers and loves getting to know them and about their day as well.

He said that it feels very refreshing to interact with customers and that it brightens his day from his monotonous daily routine. The only minor downside is that sometimes it can be troublesome when the customers are not cooperative or they are in a bitter mood but he feels that it is a very ‘give and take’ kind of business and so, he does understand their plight as well and is happy to serve them nonetheless.

With the pandemic, he did initially worry about what might happen to the business but because of subsidies and help from the government, the business actually got better than before and he is very happy with the unexpected growth. Market Boy helped him by further expanding his reach to customers all over the island and made it more active than ever before.

His future plans involve maintaining the business for years to come and to continue forming connections with his customers. He hopes that the business will continue to flourish for a long time  and is excited to continue meeting new people and forming meaningful bonds with them through his stall.

When asked whether he’d prefer for people to purchase from the wet market rather than super market he said that he feels that the produce and products at the wet market are fresher and so, more people should opt to buy from there. He believes that what makes the wet market so special is the bonds that are formed with the customers and that the ‘human touch’ is often lost in big supermarkets albeit the huge variety that they offer.

Ah Hin said that the speciality of his stall is that he always ensures that the product is most suitable for whatever dish that the customer wants to cook that day. The customers often just tell him what dish they will be making that day and it is Ah Hin who will recommend the right cut or meat for them. One just might call him a Meat Consultant. So, if you’re ever near the area, don’t hesitate to drop by and get a personalised meat consultation by our very own Meat Consultant, Mr. Ah Hin. Happy shopping!

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