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Uncle Steven - Fresh Farm Eggs


In a small stall, we have Mr. Steven and his father, owners of Fresh Farm Eggs, tidying up the place and making the cartons of eggs look as presentable as possible. The stall is brimming with a wide variety of chicken eggs and Mr. Steven is more than happy to share with us a few things about his quaint stall and its origins.

The store has been in his family for almost three generations and was originally a provisions store set up by his grandfather but as a result of the poor economic situation in Singapore during the early years, the provisions shop was shut down and in its place, Steven’s father decided to set up an egg stall.

With the onset of the Covid-19 situation in early 2020, they were initially worried about what might happen to the business but due to timely assistance from the government, and support from Market Boy to go digital, business has been booming and no sacrifices had to be made.

An intriguing revelation came forth when Steven told us that contrary to the expectation of sales going down due to the circuit breaker, business only got better as more and more people started to cook at home instead of eating out. The demand for eggs drastically increased and people were actually starting to eat healthier!

When asked about what he likes most about having his stall, he said it was the customers who make it worthwhile in continuing this business. He feels that a special bond is formed between him and his customers as the regular ones often chat with him about their day and what they had been up to.

As the stall has been in the family for almost three generations, they consider it to be a family heirloom and value the trade a lot. They do not plan on going entirely digital as, to them, it is the customer interaction and bond that makes this stall so special. Through Market Boy, they were able to expand their reach a bit more and have managed to acquire more customers, who have only good things to say about the quality of their eggs.

If you stay in the west, be sure to drop by at the wet market opposite West Coast Plaza and chat with Steven to get some suggestions on new and innovative ways to cook eggs, as well as, “crack” a couple of jokes!  

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