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Very good service and items are fresh and packed properly with ice to maintain freshness. Highly recommended. Price is also reasonable. Will definitely buy again. Thank you.
Doris Diong
Outstanding service and delivery. items received fresh and ice pack are inside the delivery bag. Pricing is comparative but their services and delivery are just super.
keep up the good work!!
CA Singapore
This is my first order and I am quite impressed. Seller is very friendly and prompt in response. Meat & vegetables delivered as per order and looks really fresh and good. Would definitely order again. 👍👍
Melody Teo
This is my 1st order and I am very impressed with the service provided and quality of the poultry, pork and YTF that I have purchased from the seller. He is friendly and provide prompt responses. I will definitely order again! 👍👍
Sally Chuan
Yes, highly recommended!! especially their fresh chicken.. v fresh and nicely cut.. their marinated prawn paste middle wing is a thumb up as well as the karaage chicken.. very friendly and responsive owner.. will purchase again.
Ann Cheong
I did my first purchase and I am very impressed by the quality of items! I thank Market Boy for their responsiveness and patience to my numerous queries. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a reliable wet market home delivery.
Yilin Huang
Nice to find a one stop seller that has the variety of food items I need. Produce are fresh and delivered nicely packed.
Monique Soh
Very patient seller. Really saved my hassle to push my trolley to market to purchase the items. Items are fresh. All order in order. Thank you!
Carelynn Qwl Qwl
Highly recommended! Poultry, pork and vegetables are fresh! I made char siew using pork jowl and it is so yummy! Keep going, Market Boy!
Chua Jia Lin
Happy with my first online purchase of market produce! Fuss free ordering process. The meat and veg are fresh, and their marinated prawn paste chicken wing got us so addicted, even better than some zichar outside.
Angela Goh
I am very satisfied with my first purchase. Good service provided by Kenny. Products are as described. The quality of the chicken is relevant to the price. Highly recommended for those who want to avoid the hassle of going to the market. Keep up the good work!
Monica Lau
10/10 would recommend! Ordered on 29 Apr and got my order on 2 May. Everything came well packed. Even the meats and eggs. Veggies all came packed in newspapers cling wrap or bags, just like you would imagine from a wet market!
Lim Hui Ling