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Auntie Kim - Noodle and Beancurd


The Ramen and Beancurd stall, owned by Aunty Kim, has been in the business for more than 40 years and in the family for three generations. Her parents started the stall to sell their homemade beancurd in the market at a time when the job market in Singapore wasn’t doing too well. The beancurd recipe is a family recipe that is being passed down to successive generations and has been perfected to be enjoyed and shared with others. 

With the onset of the pandemic, the Kim family was worried that their sale might be affected but with ample subsidies and support from the government, no losses had to be borne and with assistance from Market Boy, they were also able to go digital and sell more of their products online. In a way, the Circuit Breaker actually helped with elevating the sales as more and more people had started cooking at home and so, many of them opted to purchase from the wet market as they found the products to be very fresh.

When talking about the pros and cons of having this business, she said that that the only con was having to wake up extremely early to stack up the items and getting the stall ready but the saving grace is that this is a relatively easy-going kind of business and so, the stress factor is almost nil. Due to regular and loyal customers, she finds it a pleasure to run this business and not the least bit a pain. Like many other vendors, the interaction with the customers is what she looks forward to each day and it is the main reason why she does not have any plans of going fully digital.

If you do visit the stall, make sure to purchase some of the beancurd as it is made fresh each day and Aunty Kim especially recommends it to all her customers. You will also find a wide range and variety of ramen noodles stacked up on the shelves of the stall that just might convince you (if Aunty Kim doesn’t) that ramen isn’t all that bad for health because of how fresh and inviting it looks, so, make sure to purchase a pack!

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