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Auntie Lesley and Uncle Steven - Chicken & Duck Stall

Meet Auntie Lesley and Uncle Steven, the owners of our fresh chicken stall and also the reason how Market Boy came to be, have been running the chicken stall for over 40 years, selling everything that concerns chicken and duck. 

Prior to running the chicken stall, Auntie Lesley and Uncle Steven both have very interesting backgrounds, where Auntie Lesley originally worked as a designer in her family furniture company and Uncle Steven, an egg factory worker who came from Malaysia to find work and support his 12 siblings back home. Through a chance encounter, the couple met, fell in love, and decided to start a business together.  

When asked about how she felt about the COVID situation and how it affected her business, she said mentioned the drop in business especially during the initial phase of circuit breaker when restrictions are imposed. However, despite the dip, she remains optimistic as she had established a strong bond with her customers as well as being known to supply only the freshest poultry. 

With respect to future plans, she said that she is already ‘‘half-retired’’ and plans to be fully retired in the next 5 years and spend more time with her 3 sons and 3  grandchildren. When asked about her opinion on shopping at the wet market instead of the supermarket, she proudly claims that the produce at the wet market is much fresher than what is available elsewhere. This opinion is also reflected by the customers at her stall who had nothing but good things to say about the quality.  

Auntie Lesley recommends all her customer to try her homemade rendang chicken and prawn paste chicken. Additionally, she is also very proud of her karaage chicken which was imparted to her by her long time Japanese customer. If you are in the area, be sure to drop by to say hello to them :D    

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