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Week 4 winners

🎉Presenting our week 4 winners for Market Boy 3rd anniversary celebration event 🎉

20% off next order (x3)*

1. Joel Teng (Mobile: XXXX7105)

2. Melissa Ong (Mobile: XXXX0052)

3. Ian Cheng (Mobile: XXXX3582)

Loyalty points reward (x10)*

1. Regina Ang (Mobile: XXXX6750)

2. Suellen Bessoni Paz (Mobile: XXXX8577)

3. Daisy R (Mobile: XXXX5142)

4. Cynthia Shang (Mobile: XXXX8630)

5. Tinglin Xu (Mobile: XXXX9645)

6. Karen Lim (Mobile: XXXX5400)

7.Harridas Silvanathan (Mobile: XXXX4820)

8. June Png (Mobile: XXXX3320)

9. Casey Tong (Mobile: XXXX9360)

10. Nadil A (Mobile: XXXX7660)

*Winners of 20% off coupon will be contacted through WhatsApp. Winners of loyalty points rewards will see their account debited with the additional points


Event details

Weekly lucky draw (8 draws)
1. 3 winners to get 20% off their next order
2. 10 winners will be chosen weekly and be award 600 loyalty points

Overall lucky draw
1. 3 winners to get 100% off their next order

1. All orders will accumulate double points
2. Referral rewards will increase from $5 off to $8 off for both referrer and referee

1. Event will run from 15th April to 31st May.
2. Every order made (above $60 spending) during this period will be considered as an entry to the lucky draw. Customers who made multiple order during this period will have multiple entries.
3. Weekly winners will be announced every Monday. Only orders made from Mon to Sun in the period week will be considered for weekly lucky draw.
4. Overall winners will be picked and announced on 1st June 2023