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Huai Shan (400-500g)



Huai Shan or known as yam roots, It's pale earth tones conceal a snow-white flesh that is crisp and nearly tasteless. Although crisp when whole, when grated, the flesh becomes glue-like due to its high mucilage content, which allows the root to store water. Commonly used as a binder in noodles dishes, it can be used raw or can be braised boiled or roasted.

Health Benefits

Huai Shan is rich in proteins, polysaccharides, vitamin B & C, calcium, minerals, enzymes, saponins and diosgenin and fiber. It dilates blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation, enhancing overall wellness and especially for skin, it increases skin hydration, smooths wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and improves color tone. Huai Shan also commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for supporting and enhancing women’s reproductive health from increasing fertility to irregular menstruation and other symptoms menopausal symptoms

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