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Rendang Chicken

Rendang Chicken

Full Recipe – Rendang Chicken

  • Love Recipe's Rendang Sauce – 1 box
  • Choice of protein (Meat/Seafood) – 1.5kg to 2kg of fresh meat/seafood (in this recipe, we used 10 pieces of chicken thigh)
  • Coconut Milk  400 ml
  • Salt  to taste 


  • Preheat the pan by letting it sit on the burner for about 2 minutes. 
  • Add Love Recipe's Rendang Sauce to the pan and spread it around.
  • Add 400ml of coconut milk and stir to combine the sauce and coconut milk.
  • Spread out the mixture before placing the chicken thigh onto the pan. 
  • Begin stir frying and coat every piece with the sauce mixture.
  • Add salt to taste. 
  • Allow the chicken and sauce to simmer for a while until the meat is well-cooked. 
  • Turn off the burner. Your rendang chicken is now ready for plating and to be served! 

  • Serves: 2-3 

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    Curry Chicken

    Curry Chicken

    Full Recipe – Curry Chicken

    • Market Boy's Meat Curry Powder – 1 packet
    • Chicken – 1.5kg to 2kg 
    • Potatoes (small) – 5
    • Chicken Stock – 120ml
    • Coconut Milk  350 ml
    • Oil – 4 tablespoon
    • Fish Sauce – 1 tablespoon / to taste
    • Brown Sugar – 2 teaspoon / to taste

    For additional enhancement in flavour: 

    • Cinnamon Stick – 1 (optional)
    • Star Anise – 2 pods (optional)
    • Lime leaves – 5 (optional)


  • Mix curry powder with 2 tablespoon of oil to get a paste-like consistency. 
  • Coat the chicken with the paste mixture evenly and allow it to marinate for as long as possible but for at least 30 minutes. 
  • Preheat the pan for at least 2 minutes.
  • Add 2 tablespoon of oil and fry the marinated chicken until golden. 
  • Proceed to add the potatoes, chicken stock, coconut milk. 
  • (Optional) Also add in the cinnamon stick, star anise and lime leaves. 
  • Bring the contents to a gentle simmer and allow it to cook for 1 hour or until desired tenderness and softness of chicken. 
  • Stir in the brown sugar and fish sauce until desired taste. 
  • Serve and enjoy!

  • Serves: 2-3 

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    Korean Spicy Chicken


    Korean Sticky Chicken 


  • Chicken Thighs or Breast (boneless) – 500 gms
  • Garlic – 1 tablespoon 
  • Ginger – 1 teaspoon 
  • Honey – 3 tablespoons 
  • Ketchup – 2 tablespoons 
  • Soy sauce – 1 tablespoon
  • Brown sugar – 1 tablespoon 
  • Salt and pepper – to taste
  • Sesame seeds – as per requirement 
  • Any neutral oil – 1 tablespoon 
  • Rice vinegar – 1 tablespoon 
  • Sesame Oil – 1 teaspoon 

  • Procedure 

    1. Assemble all the ingredients for the sauce – honey, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, any hot sauce, brown sugar, ketchup, garlic, ginger, salt, and pepper. 
    2. Mince up the garlic and set it aside. 
    3. Cut up the chicken into smaller pieces for easier cooking later on and set aside. 
    4. Scrape the peel off of the ginger and grate it up. 
    5. Add the ingredients for the sauce into a bowl and mix them up. Set aside.
    6. Heat oil up in a pan, add half of the chicken, and spread it out in a single layer. Sprinkle salt and pepper over the chicken and cook it until it turns brown on both sides. 
    7. Transfer the now-brown chicken to a plate and repeat the same steps with the remaining half of the chicken. 
    8. Return all the browned chicken to the pan and gently pour the sauce over the chicken. Stir to evenly coat and cook it for a few minutes until the sauce starts to thicken. 
    9. Transfer the chicken to a serving platter or bowl and garnish with sesame seeds. 

    Serves: 2  

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    Guinness Stout Braised Chicken - Market Boy

    Guinness Stout Braised Chicken

    This is an interesting recipe submitted by our customer. In this recipe, we put a twist to the usual braised meat and added in stout for that extra flavour! For an additional twist, try using pork instead of chicken!


    Cooking Instructions

    1. Fry garlic, ginger slice and dried chilli till fragrant

    2. Add chicken and fry

    3. Add stout and simmer till it thickens

    Contributed by: Florence Chui

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    Braised Soya Meat - Market Boy

    Braised Soya Meat

    One of the staple dinner dish that my mother cooks, braised soya meat! The soft and tender texture resulted from the braised coupled with a piping hot bowl of rice makes the perfect, heartwarming dinner! 


    • 1 chicken or 1 kg of pork
    • Taupok (depends on how many u want)
    • Eggs (depends on how many u want)
    • 2 pieces of rock sugar (half a finger size each)
    • 2 tablespoons of oil
    • 1 liter of water
    • Aromatics:
      • 1 bay leaf
      • 2 Cardamon 
      • 1 star anise 
      • 1 clove
      • 8 shallots
      • 1 piece of ginger (half a finger size, no need to slice it)
    • Seasoning:
      • 2 tablespoon of light soya sauce
      • 2 tablespoon of dark soya sauce
      • 2 tablespoon of oyster sauce
      • 4 tablespoon of sweet soya sauce or Kecap Manis

    Cooking Instructions

    1. Fry rock sugar till it turns liquid and brown

    2. Add oil and aromatics, and fry till fragrant

    3. Add water and add seasoning. Put on boil for 15 mins

    4. Add meat, taupok and eggs. Put on boil for 30 mins for a small chicken (if pork or larger chicken may need an hour).

    Contributed by: Yi Lin

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    Chong Qing Spicy Chicken (辣子鸡) - Market Boy

    Chong Qing Spicy Chicken (辣子鸡)

    A plate of flavourful and spicy fried chicken that can be eaten on its own or with a bowl of rice! This dish have been increasingly popular in Singapore since the introduction of Sichuan cuisine especially the Mala flavour! 


    1. Boneless Chicken Thigh
    2. Shaoxing Wine
    3. Soya Sauce
    4. Ginger Slice
    5. Garlic Slice
    6. Corn Flour
    7. Peppercorns
    8. Dried Chilli
    9. Sugar
    10. Coriander Leaves
    11. Fried Peanuts

    Preparation Step:

    1. Cut the chicken thigh into bite size pieces
    2. Marinate chicken thigh with shaoxing wine, soya sauce and ginger slice

    Cooking Instruction:

    1. Coat marinate chicken in corn flour and deep fry in hot oil
    2. Heat pan with oil before frying peppercorns till fragrant
    3. Add in dry chilli and continue to fry until fragrant
    4. Add in garlic slice and fry with sugar, shao xing wine and soya sauce
    5. Add in fried chicken and give it a quick stir
    6. Add peanuts to finish it off

    Contributed by Florence Chui

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